Visiting the Caribbean

Recently we had the opportunity to visit the British Virgin Islands for the first time, and wanted to share a bit about our experience. It was really one of the best vacations we’ve been on, and are incredibly grateful for the experience. We went with family, and had the vacation of a lifetime.

Whether you’re sailing on a beautiful cruising catamaran like Tehiya or staying on one of the islands with pristine beaches, the BVI really are an incredible place to visit. Here are a few highlights and thoughts!

tropical-islandsThe Islands

We visited quite a few different islands on our trip, but really only saw a portion of the area. With dozens of islands in the archipelago, it’s nearly impossible to see every one in a single trip. However, we did get to visit popular islands like Anegada, Virgin Gorda, Jost van Dyke, and Tortola.

Visiting different islands is such a wonderful blessing. Some islands have a population of locals, some are private islands owned by resorts, and some are relatively quiet. Going from island to island allowed us to get different energies. We could hang out in a town one day, then be on a peaceful beach the next. Different islands definitely attract different crowds, and we quickly found places we liked better than others.

Every single island we saw was just beautiful. The people were friendly, the different vibes were refreshing, and the nature was fantastic. From the tropical palms to the crystal clear water, we were always finding ourselves slowing down to take in the incredible views.


While in the British Virgin Islands, we were able to partake in a huge variety of activities. The snorkeling was the highlight in my personal opinion. The water was so clear it was crazy! The visibility underwater was impressive, and the sea life is just amazing. We saw an octopus, tons of beautiful fish, coral reefs, turtles feeding, and more.

We also were able to go on beautiful hikes on some of the islands. These hikes were beautiful, walking up and down the hills of the local islands to see beautiful ocean landscapes and nature all around us.

Finally, we were able to spend a ton of time outside in general. As we work inside at computers, it’s just so nice to go somewhere to be outside much of the time. Whether we were snorkeling, tubing, hiking, or just hanging out on the beach, the constant time in the sun felt amazing.

Relaxation and Self-Care

Finally, we have to note the level of relaxation offered in the BVI. We spent one day at a spa on a private island, getting massages and hanging out in a pool. We spent many other days chilling on the beach without anything to do. Even when we were active and doing something, it felt very relaxing.

The general energy of a vacation here is relaxing and calm, and it just is perfect to de-stress from daily life. We highly recommend checking it out if you need a dream vacation with endless relaxation and activities!