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With over 644 million websites in existence, it can be hard to reach your audience online. From search engines to social media, we are just slammed with information, advertisements, and promotions. There’s no one silver bullet that can completely solve every marketing problem in the digital age. However, we do have a few tips for building your presence on the Internet.

Build Authority

First, work on building some authority. Whether you’re a local business or an online business that isn’t location-dependent, it’s great to get your name out there and show you know what you’re talking about. The more you’re showing up on high-quality websites, the better. This may be a review, a guest blog, or some sort of promotional material.

We do a lot of marketing for yoga studios, so let’s use the example of a yoga studio in San Francisco. You might find a few blogs about yoga in Bay Area and begin to build a relationship. Reach out on social media, repost them, and begin interacting. At some point, you may see if they’re interested in sharing about your studio, coming in for a free review class, or accepting a guest post with a link back to your organization’s website. It’s really all about building relationships, so don’t just blindly ask for people to promote you! Build long-term relationships with influencers and get your organization mentioned more organically.

You can also look for directories related to your area or niche. Steer clear of directories that look low-quality or spammy. For example, the hypothetical yoga studio in San Francisco may list their page with YogaJournal for a yoga-related listing and SFGate for a location-based listing. Remember that if it looks slightly spammy, it’s probably not great for your SEO or marketing efforts!

You can also build authority by writing your own blog. Pretty much every business or organization should have their own blog. Businesses with regularly updated blogs receive significantly more traffic than those without blogs, and you have the opportunity to continually update your website with new information and the latest news from your industry. Start a blog on your site, share your posts to social media, and show people that you know what you’re talking about!

Engage Your Audience

One of the biggest places online organizations fall short is in engaging their audience. You don’t want to just create useless content and a website that sits idle. You want to engage with your audience, create a conversation, and encourage users to interact with your site. We recently wrote a post on our blog about building a social media following in order to create traffic which has some helpful tips for encouraging engagement on social media, but this is great place to start.

When you post to your social media accounts, what are you posting? Can you create posts that perhaps encourage a little more engagement? Create posts that ask questions, encourage people to comment, and drive engagement. When more people engage with your post, more people will see your post! A post that isn’t engaged with isn’t super useful. Take a look at a few examples below of posts on social media that encourage engagement.

You can also create content like quizzes, videos, and more that encourage your users to actually engage with your website! Infographics are another great way to create something that gets shared and attention!

Capture Leads

Our last tip for today is to really make an effort to capture leads! You have people coming to your website, why are you not capturing leads from them? If you’re a business with a service or product to sell your goal is probably to end up with more paying customers, right? Right. So, make a clear effort to capture leads from those visiting your site. This can be done in various ways.

First, include a newsletter signup at the end of your blog posts. We do this with all of our posts on the Mindful Marketing blog, and with pretty much every one of our clients’ sites. If somebody is reading through your entire blog post, chances are they are interested in what you’re offering! Note that we have a signup form for the Mindful Marketing blog post list at the bottom of this post! Use something like MailChimp or Constant Contact to set up an easy-to-use email marketing campaign!

Another great way to go is to utilize the lead magnet format. This can be done in a really spammy way, but can also be done very well and professionally. You start by coming up with something to offer for free. This may be an ebook, a video, some instructions or a how-to, or an audio file. You offer this item for free when people enter their email address. For example, Mindful Marketing has a handful of free resources people can get on our website.

You can set up automation with MailChimp so you don’t have to do anything. When somebody enters their email, they automatically receive the item they asked for. Then, they’re added to your newsletter or email list. Email marketing is one of the most effective forms of online marketing, as you’re able to reach people directly in their inboxes. This is a great way to capture leads and stay in touch with the visitors of your website!

These are just a few tips for marketing yourself online. You’re always welcome to reach out to us at Info@MindfulMktg.com with any questions or for some more personalized recommendations!


This post comes to us from Mindful Marketing (www.MindfulMktg.com), an online marketing firm specializing in working with those in the mindfulness and wellness fields.

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