5 Ways to Care for Yourself

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We all have a deep intention to care for ourselves, but often forget to actually do it. One of the biggest problems is that we don’t really know exactly what to do. We have this idea of self-care, but don’t know what it truly means. Here are five ways that we have found to care for ourselves in our lives.

1. Eat Well

We’re not here to tell you what it means to eat well. You have to look for yourself to see what makes you feel good! There doesn’t seem to be one diet that works for everyone, so see what works for you. Maybe you need to eat a few more vegetables. Maybe add a piece of fruit in the morning to your diet. If you tune into your body, it will tell you what it needs.

On the other hand, eating well sometimes means NOT sticking to a crazy strict diet for many people. We can take care of ourselves by allowing ourselves the wiggle room to have a piece of dessert or some extra carbs. Find some balance in your eating habits between overindulgence and beating yourself up.

2. Find a Spiritual Practice

Even if you’re an atheist, you can find some sort of self-growth practice. Maybe this means going to church or temple, or maybe it means taking up a yoga practice. Maybe you can find a local meditation group or mindfulness coach. Taking up some sort of spiritual practice can give us a path for growth and understanding of ourselves.

If you’re not really sure what you would like to do in this regard, try some new things! As long as it isn’t a cult, you can go once and decide if you like it or not!!! There’s no commitment. You can find what feels true and useful for yourself in your own life. Maybe you can connect with like-minded individuals and find a community!

Get up and Move3. Get Up and Move

This may not be applicable to you if you work in a job where you’re moving all day, but many people spend their days sitting and working or sitting in a classroom. Make the effort to get up and move! We sometimes get lazy or are simply tired after a long day. Push yourself a little to get up and move your body.

You don’t need to do any dramatic form of exercise necessarily, but that’s cool too if that is what you like to do! Try just taking a walk, going on a hike, or even standing up during your day and moving your limbs. When we move the body, we keep the mind fresh and focused and keep our muscles from stiffening up too much.

4. Connect with Others

Connecting with other people is a true act of self-care. We are social creatures by nature, even if we’re “introverts.” Go out with friends and do something easy. Grab a coffee, see a movie, or go on a walk together and enjoy each other’s company. This helps us get out of our own minds and just be present with someone.

If you’re not sure what to do or don’t have people to connect with, try reaching out to new people! I love using Meetup.com to find new groups and people with whom I can connect. When I moved recently to a new are where I knew nobody, I used Meetup to make new friends and find activities.

5. Take Time to Rest

On the flipside, it’s important to take time to rest and care for ourselves. We are constantly “going” and moving, and we need to allow our bodies and minds to pause and rejuvinate. This can be something simple as well! Take a bath, read a book, or sit outside in the sun!

We so often overcomplicate self-care, and we really can take simple actions to care for ourselves better. You’re worth it!

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