5 Ways to Change It Up in Your Relationship

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Being in a relationship is a beautiful experience. To have someone with whom you can share your life and be yourself is truly valuable. However, we sometimes become complacent or bored, and need to find ways to change it up. Here are five ways we have found to make a change and try something new in our relationships!

1. Get Outside

We often get caught staying inside and relaxing. Maybe we work long days, have family to take care of, or are just generally busy. It can be incredibly beneficial to get outside and enjoy some sunshine and nature. Studies have actually found repeatedly that getting outside is great for your health. And of course getting outside with your partner is even better!

Maybe you can find a hike or activity outdoors. You don’t need to be a nature-lover to benefit from getting outside. Try taking a walk around your block, making a picnic lunch and eating in a park, or go outside to look at the stars. Whatever you do, take a moment to be outside without the clutter of being home, the cell phones, and the stuff we think we have to get done. Enjoy your time together without the distractions!

Getting Outside with Your Partner2. Spend Time Alone

When you’re in a relationship, you may find yourself only spending time alone after a long day in front of the television. Set the intention to spend some time alone and take action. This may be by getting outside as mentioned before, or maybe it’s seeing a movie together, going on a drive, or playing a round of mini golf.

When we spend time alone together, we have the opportunity to connect more deeply. It helps greatly to really set the intention clearly and follow through. The accidental alone time during our days is great, but when we really set aside time to be together we can really be WITH each other!

3. Spend Time with Others

Sometimes we need to get out and spend some time with others! Although spending time alone is great and making time to be together is beneficial, it’s also great to engage in social situations. We can get out and be with friends, family, or whatever feels right to us. By being together with other people, we build our social skills together and receive the benefits of engaging with others.

You can do simple things together like going on a walk, watching a movie, or having a game night. It doesn’t need to be a big and expensive trip or anything. Just set some time aside to be with your community and enjoy your time together!

4. Minimize Distractions

We are so often distracted in our daily lives. We have computers, phones, family, and obligations. Put some time aside to minimize distractions and just be. Set your phones down, step away from work, and be together. You don’t have to go anywhere or do anything special to get this done!

Try cooking a meal together and eating with each other. Go outside and leave your phones at home. Do something without all the distractions that you face normally in your everyday life!

5. Alternate Choosing

This is a practice we have found to be wonderful and fun. Let one partner pick an activity one week, and the other partner can pick something next week. The activity or choice can be whatever you want as long as it’s something you can do together. It could be going on a hike, going out to dinner, or watching a movie together.

Try to reach out and do something new and fun. We’ve tried rock climbing, going to a local swimming spot at the river, and went to a free museum. There are tons of things to do, so get out there and pick something fun to try!

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