6 Tips for Taking Care of Your Body

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There are so many different ways that we can nourish ourselves. A great place to start is with some simple self-care activities. I particularly love taking care of my body as an act of self-care. You can practice this kind of body self-care in a ton of different ways. It’s also a good way to take care of yourself in the new year. I have put together a list that has 7 of my favorite ways to care for my body.

1. Take a Long Bath or Shower

When I ask people where they feel safe and cared for they often say in the bath or shower. One way you can relax your muscles is to really dedicate a little time to taking a long bath or shower. The warm water will help your body relax and can reduce physical and mental stress. I particularly love to set aside time at night when I have nothing to do afterward.

2. Pamper Yourself

Another great way to nourish your body is to pamper yourself. You might try a new mud mask, give yourself a manicure, or use a body scrub. Whatever the activity do something that really feels luxurious. Sometimes I like to do my own mini spa afternoon on a weekend. I will do a hair mask and a whole punch of pampering activities that make me feel calm and nourished.

3. Eat Good Food

“Good” food is of course a bit subjective. However, to really care for your body eat food that is colorful, varied, and not too high in fat or sugar. These are really the most simple guidelines. You can really take a lot of time with nutrition to investigate what feels best for your body. Everyone has a different biochemical make up so we cannot expect to all eat the same thing!

Getting Good Sleep4. Sleep

One of the best ways to show your body some care is to get enough sleep. Sleep is restorative and can reduce stress. Your body and your mind will both thank you if you get enough sleep. You might also make this an investigation. Take a day and see what time you wake up without an alarm. This is most likely the right amount of sleep for your body.

5. Treat Yourself

You might try caring for your body by treating yourself to something. I really recommend trying to do this for no reason at all. Try to treat yourself when you don’t feel like, when nothing went well, and you didn’t just get a paycheck. It can feel wonderful to just treat yourself because you love your body. You might get a massage, go out to a great meal by yourself, or go for a swim. Whatever it is let it be something that make you feel nourished.

6. Exercise

Moving your body is a great way to care for it. We often feel better when we get our bodies moving. If you are someone who has a job that requires you sit still all day this can really be a game changer. Showing your body the kindness of exercise can help lift your mood. It is important not to use exercise as punishment but rather as a way to care for yourself.

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