What to Do when an Addict Doesn’t Want Help

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If you have a drug addict in your life, you know the struggle. The person may be wreaking havoc with their drug use, and perhaps isn’t willing to make any changes. This can be an incredibly difficult position to be in, as we don’t always know what to do to help. If your loved one does have a moment of willingness, it can be useful to have options available. Your Sober Solutions has some wonderful treatment options on their page http://yoursobersolutions.com/listing-category/private-drug-rehab/.

Getting Ready to Help

First, it can be useful to have a plan ready. You never know when somebody is going to be ready for help. You can find a few options for addiction treatment to have ready in case the person has a moment of willingness. You don’t need to push it on the person or try to force anything necessarily, but keep this in your back pocket.

Hopefully you know your loved one well enough to know what they may need to recover. Keep in mind needs like addressing co-occurring disorders, gender-specific treatment, and location. Do your research and find an option that feels like it may be useful for your loved one. You may also want to find a treatment center that offers a strong family program.

finding addiction treatmentSetting Boundaries

It’s crucial that boundaries are set. This is one of the most difficult pieces of the puzzle, and certainly not black and white. We have to find what feels right for us. Unfortunately, what is often most useful for ourselves and the loved one who is struggling is not what feels gentle and easy. It’s difficult to set boundaries. You may want to check out some books on codependency to help you set boundaries with strength, wisdom, and compassion.

When we set a boundary, we stop enabling unhealthy behavior. It may be hard to tell a loved one they cannot continue to live with us or be financially supported when they are abusing drugs, but continuing to support the person may allow them to continue using. It’s not always so crystal clear, and you may benefit from talking to a therapist or going to a support group like Al-Anon.

Step in When Necessary

We need to know when to step in. If your loved one is having an occasional drink or smoking marijuana once every few months, it may not be right to step in. However, there comes a time when they will benefit from you really addressing the problem. Some people use interventionists, while others just have conversations with their loved one. Whatever the case may be, we need to be ready to step in and say the difficult things when we need to.

Taking Care of Yourself

Throughout the process, we need to find ways to care for ourselves. Going through this experience is difficult, and can suck up most of our energy. Without caring for ourselves, we can really lose it. When we lose it, we have nothing to offer ourselves or our loved one. Find some time to take care of yourself. Maybe it’s seeing a therapist, practicing meditation, or exercising. Take time during your day to do what you need to do to stay healthy!

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