Is There One Right Way to Meditate?

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Getting started with any form of meditation can be hard. To add to the struggle, there are so many different teachers, traditions, and instructions out there. How do we find a way that works or is beneficial for us? To start, you can read more about the different types of meditation in the in-depth article from One Mind Dharma 17 Types of Meditation – Which One is For You?

Different Types of Meditation

As mentioned before, there are a ton of different types of meditation. There is Buddhist meditation, Hindu meditation, secular meditation, MBSR, new age meditation, Christian meditation, and so on. Many, if not all, religions and spiritual traditions have a sect that practices meditation seriously. There are also tons of therapists, counselors, and researchers who practice meditation with no religion or spirituality.

My recommendation is to read the article above from One Mind Dharma. See which type of meditation grabs your attention. Maybe it is one, or maybe it is a few. Although you don’t know, take a chance and start with that kind. Don’t be afraid to try different types. Also, remember that as you grow and age, your needs may change. Sometimes we need to switch things up as our experience changes.

How to Find the Way that Works For You

How do we even know when we find a way that actually works? The answer, as uncomfortable as it may be, is that you will know. You’ll find something that rings true deep down inside of you. You may also find that it’s not just one tradition or practice that benefits you. Sometimes we need several different types of meditation to be well-rounded.

Don’t be afraid to add or subtract to make it your own. Maybe try using essential oils to help focus. Sit outside if you like connecting with nature. Listen to gentle music or sounds while you practice. The important part of most meditation paths is that you are working toward something wholesome. Whatever helps you move forward is useful!

Following a Path

Mindfulness Meditation

Although I recommended trying different paths and practices, I find it most helpful to eventually pick one. If we are constantly trying new things, we never dive deeply enough to really gain insight or clarity. As such, find something you like. Then, dedicate yourself to that meditation practice for a month or 6 months. Give it a full chance! This is an important piece many people miss. They get bored, and just trying something else after a few days. Meditation takes time, patience, and consistency.

Also, remember there are tons of meditation resources online you can find to help you in your journey.

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