Making Healthy Mexican Food

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You may not think of Mexican food as being the healthiest options, but the truth is that there are many healthy recipes available. With fresh fruits and vegetables, you can make Mexican food easily without compromising your weight loss goals. You can find some of our favorite Mexican recipes in many of the best Mexican cookbooks.

One way to make Mexican food a little bit healthier than you’re used to is by just cutting down the unhealthy fats. One of the easiest ways to do this is by choosing lower-fat cheese options. Although that may sound gross to you, you can use skim cheese that you find at any grocery store. If you even notice the difference in your meal, it will be slight.

Another way to go is to leave the rice behind. Rice definitely is delicious for many of us, but you can cut it out to make a huge difference. When making a burrito, use lettuce as your base instead of rice and beans. This is much healthier, and may even leave you more satiated after eating your meal.

You can also make your food healthier by watching the ingredients you put in in general. Use fresh fruits and vegetables, leaner meats, and healthier fats. Avocados have great fats, as do nuts.

Eating Well also has a lot of great healthy Mexican recipes we recommend.

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