Making Time for Self Care

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Self-care is certainly a luxury. For those of us who work long days, have families, take care of others, and have a lot of responsibility, the idea of taking time out for self-care can seem almost silly. However, there are many ways to make time to care for yourself. You can relax right where you are or take a simple walk around the block. You can also reach out and find long distance therapy. Here are a few things you can do to care for youreslf and create time.

Prioritize Self-Care

There are a ton of ways to prioritize your self-care. Try creating a schedule, and actually blocking out time for yourself. One way I do this is by actually scheduling my breaks from the computer and work. Schedule five minutes out to step away, take a deep breath, or go for a walk. By scheduling your self-care, you are setting an intention and making a clear goal.

Another great way to prioritize self-care is to take action before the day gets too hectic. Rather than trying to implement a self-care routine in the middle of the day or during all of the chaos, see if you can wake up a few minutes early to meditate, pray, talk to a therapist, or go for a walk. This way, you get the healthy and supportive activity done before you fall into the autopilot of the day. Remember there are many ways to care for yourself.

Find Small Moments

Another great way we can take action for self-care is by simply finding small moments. Self-care doesn’t have to be a huge thing. We can take small actions that are much more practical and realistic.

One thing I love is photography. Practicing photography has brough me great joy, and it doesn’t take much time to pick up the camera and take a few shots. You probably have something in your life that relaxes you or brings you joy. Maybe it is just taking a walk, calling a friend, or petting your dog. Whatever it is, try to take a few short moments to engage during your day.

Investigate Time-Efficient Options

Finally, try to find more time-efficient options for self-care. Instead of going to see a therapist, try long-distance therapy from home. Instead of going to the gym (which is hard to do), get some resistance bands and work out at home. There are many ways we can make our goals more realistic and pragmatic, therefore increasing the likelihood that we will actually follow through.

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