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If you read my blog regularly, you konw that I have a few resources for meditation and mindfulness that I often revert to. Today, I’m going to cover a relatively new offering that is super exciting from one of my favorite meditation websites out there right now.

Meditate with a Group

One Mind Dharma has been mentioned here before, as I believe it to be an incredibly useful resource. Their blog, daily meditations, mindfulness tips, and more are just so useful in my own life. I won’t go through all of their offerings again, but today want to talk about their meditation classes.

Their online meditation classes are a great way to practice mindfulness at home, but with a community. Matthew or Elizabeth Sockolov lead the groups, and they are just wonderful. Each group has a guided meditation and community interaction. It’s a powerful way to practice, as there are many reasons why group meditation is helpful.

online meditation classes

How Classes Work

One of the great things about the online courses and classes is that they’re super easy to join. There’s no difficult registration process. You simply head over to the class schedule, choose your class, and enter your email. Once you enter your email, you receive the links to each week’s group easily.

Classes are held on Zoom, the online video chat platform. You can join from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. If you want to call in and not participate via video, you can do so as well. It really can’t get any easier, and they do a great job making it accessible to people of all technical levels.

Cost and Fees

Finally, there’s the topic of costs and fees. Of course, there are a lot of free meditation resources on the web these days. However, it seems that almost everyone has paid classes or registration fees. These meditation classes are different in that they are completely donation-based. This means you never have to enter a credit card number, and registration is completely free. This is the best for us, and makes it one of our favorite meditation resources.

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