The Joy of Photography

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Everything about photography brings me joy. It’s something I did not discover until I was in my early 20’s. From deciding where to go, to editing the photos after a session, it can bring great happiness. It can come in simple ways, like learning the differences between vibrance and saturation in photo editing, or figuring out how to best frame a shot.

Getting Started with Photography

It can be overwhelming when we really want to start getting into photography. We know how to take a photo, but there’s so much information out there on where to start. There are written guides, YouTube channels, and much more.

You can find articles with beginner’s tips like this one we like. However, the truth is that you actually have to get out there and shoot. It’s by practicing and experimenting that we find what works, discover our style, and begin to deepen our abilities.

One of the best things that has happened for my photography is connection with other photographers. There are communities online like the Nomad Photography Network that offer a way to connect with like-minded photographers, get tips and help, and some feedback on your photos. A community can help fuel your fire, point you in the right direction, and give you an added benefit of your hobby.

Benefits of Taking Photos

There are many reasons to get out and take photos. I find it a great way to care for myself. It’s one way to step away from work, chaos, and stress and just be. It encourages me to be present, and to look at little more deeply at the world around me.

When you connect with others, photography has the added benefit of encouraging healthy social connections. Also, taking photos can give you something to work toward. You try to get the best photo you can, compete in a healthy way with yourself, and seek to grow.

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