What Happened to Cary Stayner Parents

What Happened to Cary Stayner’s Parents?

Cary Stayner is a name that became notorious after he was convicted for the brutal murders of four women in Yosemite National Park in California in the late 1990s. However, the story of Cary Stayner is not just about his own crimes but also about the tragic events that occurred within his own family. In this article, we will delve into the unsettling tale of what happened to Cary Stayner’s parents.

Cary Stayner was born on August 13, 1961, in Merced, California. He grew up in a troubled household, with his father, Delbert Stayner, suffering from alcoholism and his mother, Kay Stayner, struggling with mental illness. Cary’s childhood was marked by instability, neglect, and abuse. The Stayner family lived near Yosemite National Park, where Cary’s father worked as a maintenance man at a lodge.

On July 21, 1999, tragedy struck the Stayner family. Cary’s younger brother, Steven Stayner, who had been kidnapped at the age of seven and held captive for seven years before his miraculous escape, died in a motorcycle accident. The loss of Steven devastated the family, particularly their mother, Kay, who already battled with mental health issues.

In the aftermath of Steven’s death, Kay’s mental state deteriorated further. She became increasingly agitated and paranoid, often claiming that her son’s death was not an accident but a deliberate act orchestrated by a mysterious organization. This led to her being committed to a mental institution for a brief period.

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On February 2, 2002, tragedy struck again when Cary Stayner murdered Carole Sund, her teenage daughter Juli, and their family friend Silvina Pelosso while they were vacationing in Yosemite. This heinous act shocked the nation and the world, as it occurred in a place known for its natural beauty and tranquility.

Following his arrest, Cary Stayner confessed to the murders and was subsequently convicted. He is currently serving multiple life sentences in a federal prison.

As for Cary Stayner’s parents, his father, Delbert Stayner, passed away on February 24, 2008, at the age of 73. The cause of his death was reported as natural causes. Delbert, despite his struggles with alcoholism, was not directly involved in the tragic events surrounding his son’s crimes.

Cary’s mother, Kay Stayner, faced her own tragic end. On February 28, 2008, just days after her husband’s death, Kay was found dead in her Merced, California home. The cause of her death was determined to be an accidental overdose of codeine, a prescription medication she was taking for chronic pain. It is believed that the stress and grief from the loss of her husband and the notoriety surrounding her son’s crimes contributed to her mental and physical decline.

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13 Common Questions and Answers:

1. Did Cary Stayner’s parents know about his crimes?
It is not believed that Cary Stayner’s parents had any knowledge of his crimes before they were committed.

2. Did Cary Stayner’s parents play a role in his criminal behavior?
There is no evidence to suggest that Cary Stayner’s parents played a direct role in his criminal behavior.

3. How did Cary Stayner’s parents die?
Cary Stayner’s father, Delbert Stayner, passed away from natural causes in 2008. His mother, Kay Stayner, died from an accidental overdose of codeine in the same year.

4. Were Cary Stayner’s parents involved in any criminal activities?
There is no evidence to suggest that Cary Stayner’s parents were involved in any criminal activities.

5. Did Cary Stayner have a troubled childhood?
Yes, Cary Stayner’s childhood was marked by instability, neglect, and abuse.

6. Was Cary Stayner’s mother mentally ill?
Yes, Cary Stayner’s mother, Kay Stayner, battled with mental illness.

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7. Did Cary Stayner’s parents divorce?
There is no information available regarding Cary Stayner’s parents’ marital status.

8. Did Cary Stayner’s parents have any other children?
Cary Stayner had two brothers, one of whom was Steven Stayner, who was kidnapped and held captive for seven years.

9. Did Cary Stayner’s parents have any criminal records?
There is no information available regarding Cary Stayner’s parents’ criminal records.

10. Did Cary Stayner’s parents have any involvement in the search for Steven Stayner?
Cary Stayner’s parents were actively involved in the search for Steven Stayner after his abduction.

11. Did Cary Stayner’s parents receive any counseling or support after their son’s crimes?
It is unclear if Cary Stayner’s parents received any counseling or support following their son’s crimes.

12. Did Cary Stayner’s parents have any impact on his mental state?
While Cary Stayner’s troubled upbringing likely had an impact on his mental state, it is difficult to determine the extent of his parents’ influence.

13. Are there any surviving family members of Cary Stayner?
While Cary Stayner’s immediate family members have passed away, there may be extended family members still living.

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