Where Do the Duggars Live In Tontitown Arkansas

Where Do the Duggars Live In Tontitown Arkansas?

The Duggar family, popularized by the reality TV show “19 Kids and Counting,” has become a household name in America. Known for their conservative beliefs, strong family values, and large brood, the Duggars have captured the attention of millions of viewers across the nation. If you’re curious about where the Duggars live in Tontitown, Arkansas, read on to satisfy your curiosity.

The Duggar family resides in a large property known as the “Duggar Compound.” Located on a secluded street in Tontitown, Arkansas, the compound is comprised of several houses, each occupied by different members of the Duggar family. The main house, where Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar live, serves as the central hub for the family.

The Duggar Compound covers approximately 20 acres of land and features a church, playgrounds, and various outbuildings. The property is surrounded by trees and offers privacy for the family members who reside there. It has been the backdrop for numerous episodes of their reality TV show and has become a recognizable location for fans of the Duggar family.

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Now, let’s address some common questions about the Duggar’s residence in Tontitown, Arkansas:

1. How many houses are there on the Duggar Compound?
There are several houses on the compound, each occupied by different members of the Duggar family.

2. Can visitors tour the Duggar Compound?
No, the Duggar Compound is not open to the public for tours.

3. Are the Duggars the only residents of the compound?
No, in addition to the Duggar family members, there are other families who also live on the compound.

4. How far is Tontitown from major cities?
Tontitown is located approximately 15 miles southwest of Fayetteville, Arkansas.

5. Is the Duggar Compound open for events or weddings?
No, the Duggar Compound is a private residence and is not available for public events or weddings.

6. Are the Duggars involved in the local community?
Yes, the Duggars are known for their involvement in local community events and activities.

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7. Do the Duggar children attend public school?
No, the Duggar children are homeschooled.

8. Is the Duggar Compound gated?
Yes, the Duggar Compound is gated to ensure the family’s privacy.

9. Can you see the Duggar Compound from the road?
The Duggar Compound is set back from the road and surrounded by trees, making it difficult to see from the outside.

10. Are there any restrictions on visitors to the Duggar Compound?
Yes, visitors are not allowed on the property without prior permission from the Duggar family.

11. Is the Duggar Compound a tourist attraction?
While the Duggar Compound is well-known among fans of the family, it is not a designated tourist attraction.

12. Are there any plans for the Duggar family to move from Tontitown?
As of now, there have been no public announcements regarding any plans for the Duggar family to move from Tontitown.

13. Can you visit Tontitown and see other Duggar-related locations?
Yes, Tontitown is a small town with several landmarks associated with the Duggar family, such as their former store, the Duggar Tontitown Museum, and the local church they attend.

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In conclusion, the Duggar family resides in the Duggar Compound in Tontitown, Arkansas. This private property serves as a central hub for the family and offers a secluded and private space for them to live their lives away from the public eye. While the Duggar Compound is not open to the public, fans can still visit Tontitown and explore other locations associated with the family.

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