Why Is Dennis Rainey Leaving Family Life

Title: Why Is Dennis Rainey Leaving Family Life? Exploring the Leadership Transition and Its Impact


In the world of family ministry and Christian broadcasting, Dennis Rainey is a name that is widely recognized and respected. For over four decades, Rainey has been instrumental in shaping the landscape of marriage and family discipleship through his leadership at Family Life. However, in recent months, news broke that Rainey would be stepping down from his role, leaving many wondering about the reasons behind this significant transition.

Understanding the Leadership Transition:

1. What led to Dennis Rainey’s decision to leave Family Life?
After an illustrious career dedicated to strengthening families, Rainey expressed his desire to transition into a new season of life, focusing on speaking engagements, writing, and mentoring younger leaders.

2. How will Rainey’s departure impact Family Life?
Rainey’s departure will undoubtedly create a void in Family Life’s leadership team. However, the organization has been preparing for this transition for some time, ensuring a smooth handover to the incoming leadership.

3. Who will succeed Dennis Rainey as the head of Family Life?
Dave and Meg Robbins, who have been involved with Family Life for over 25 years, will assume leadership as the new President and Co-President, respectively. Their extensive experience and commitment to the ministry make them well-suited for the role.

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4. Will Dennis Rainey remain involved with Family Life in any capacity?
Although Rainey is stepping down from his executive role, he will continue to serve as a mentor and advisor to Family Life’s leadership team, ensuring a seamless transition and offering his wisdom and expertise.

5. How will this transition impact the future direction of Family Life?
While Rainey’s departure marks a significant change, the foundational principles and core mission of Family Life will remain unchanged. The ministry will continue its dedication to helping couples and families thrive in their relationships.

Addressing Common Questions:

6. Will Dennis Rainey’s departure affect the quality of Family Life’s resources?
No, Family Life’s commitment to providing high-quality resources remains steadfast. The ministry will continue to develop and distribute resources that equip families to navigate challenges and grow stronger in their relationships.

7. What legacy does Dennis Rainey leave behind at Family Life?
Throughout his time at Family Life, Rainey built a solid foundation of biblical teaching on marriage and family. His legacy includes the creation of practical resources such as the Weekend to Remember marriage conferences and the radio program “FamilyLife Today.”

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8. Can we expect any new initiatives from Dennis Rainey following his departure?
Yes, Rainey’s transition will allow him to focus on new projects, including writing books, speaking engagements, and investing in the next generation of family ministry leaders.

9. How will Dave and Meg Robbins lead Family Life differently from Dennis Rainey?
While the Robbins will bring their unique leadership styles to Family Life, their vision for the organization aligns with Rainey’s original goals. They aim to build upon the strong foundation Rainey established and continue advancing the ministry’s impact.

10. Will Family Life maintain its presence in radio broadcasting?
Yes, Family Life will continue its radio program, “FamilyLife Today,” which has been a vital platform for sharing biblical insights and practical advice on marriage and family.

11. Has the COVID-19 pandemic played a role in Dennis Rainey’s decision to step down?
The pandemic has not directly influenced Rainey’s decision to leave Family Life. However, it has reinforced the need for strong family discipleship, making the transition even more critical in ensuring Family Life’s continued effectiveness.

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12. What can we expect from Family Life in the years to come?
Under the new leadership, Family Life will continue to innovate and adapt to meet the evolving needs of families. They will leverage technology, expand their reach, and remain at the forefront of equipping families with biblical principles.

13. How can individuals support Dennis Rainey and Family Life during this transition?
Supporters can continue to engage with Family Life by attending events, utilizing resources, and financially contributing to the ministry’s mission. Additionally, they can follow Rainey’s new initiatives and support him in his future endeavors.


Dennis Rainey’s departure from Family Life marks a significant transition for the organization. However, the leadership team, along with Rainey’s continued involvement, ensures a promising future for the ministry. As Family Life moves forward under new leadership, its commitment to strengthening families through biblically-based resources and programs remains unwavering.

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